Relieve yourself of the pressure and risk of DIY human resources. Managing employment is not a small responsibility. In fact, with the right strategy, it could be your most valuable department. Think of us as an objective and honest friend who always has your best interests at heart and isn’t afraid to challenge your old habits.

Comprehensive HR services that work

Or you can choose HealthyHR.

The downside is limited growth potential and potential costly mistakes.

Doing it Yourself

Huge gap where your team’s wellness should be.

A Different Consultancy

You have options for your HR services such as...

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Give your team many ways to shop and save with over 1500 discounts on dining, gyms, travel, insurance and more with top and everyday brands online and in store.

Rewards and Discounts

Give your team unlimited access to live and on-demand unlimited wellbeing coaches across key areas.

Unlimited Coaching 

We take support seriously, and we know emergencies can happen. You can reach us via phone, text, email, or video call. Contact us in a way that suits you.

Ongoing HR Support

Open-ended face to face or online counselling available for each member of your team when they need it.

Unlimited Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions

An employee assistance program (EAP) provides support for employees who are experiencing hardship that affects their work, like family issues, substance misuse, or financial struggle.

24/7 Employee Assistance Program

Access to a wealth of topics to support the physical, emotional and mental health of your team.

Digital Wellbeing Platform & App

Nothing makes us happier than helping your company thrive. We partner with carefully selected external partners so that we can embed health and wellbeing as a standard part of most of our packages.

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Hugo Lewis

"Yasmin is our secret weapon when it comes to growing our business. She’s made onboarding our growing team effortless, and is someone we can wholeheartedly rely on. I’d recommend her services to anyone that asks."




• Recruitment
• Employment issues
• Sickness management
• And any of the millions of other issues you might face as an employer

Reactive Support

• Policy creation
• Contract review & implementation
• HR system implementation
• Training & coaching
• And much more

Proactive Support

Enjoy the relief and profitability of professional HR support without recruiting a full time in house specialist. You’ll have ongoing monthly access to a dedicated HR expert for a fixed fee that's easy to budget. You’re always welcome to increase hours as needed.  

...and finally ongoing support.

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Within three weeks, you’ll receive a report with a rating for each of the above aspects and an action plan with prioritised recommendations. From there, you’re free to engage our services. The report can be used to inform your own HR management of the changes coming soon.

...Then a comprehensive report...

1. Structure
2. Policies and procedures
3. Health and safety
4. Recruitment
5. New starters
6. Pay, benefits, pension
7. Employee relations
8. Training
9. Performance management
10. Engagement and culture
11. Health and wellbeing
12. Leavers
13. General data protection regulations

Businesses with at least one employee will receive an on-site HR analysis based on 13 key aspects of HR activity per up-to-date legislation and best practices.

It starts with an HR health check...

Here's how it works...

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The cost of each package is based on 10 employees with a set number of personalised HR support each month which covers meetings, training, reports, ah-hoc advice etc.

Each package is for a minimum 12 month period.

Contact us for a personalised quote based on the size of your business and how hands on you’d like us to be.

Let’s be transparent

Tailored quote for your business.

• Engagement
• Health & wellbeing
• Policy & Documentation
• Team building
• Coaching
• And everything else!

• People management
• Manager development
• Structure development
• Learning and development
• Recruiting & retention
• Pay and benefits

Your business is thriving! You’re looking for expert advice and support or more capacity for a project. Tailored packages can include:

Full Bloom

Starting from £886.67 per month.

Your team is well established, but you’d like to optimise your HR processes to maximise value and let us handle all of your HR needs. This package gives your business all of the benefits of the first two packages as well as a more hands on approach from us. We’ll take on all of your recruitment and onboarding processing and create engaging experiences for your new recruits. You’ll also get proactive monthly HR strategy sessions so we can be on hand to help your business grow to the next level and have a bigger impact on the world.


Starting from £487.50 per month.

Woo hoo! Your business is growing! You have managed most of your HR needs till now, but your business could do with some additional guidance and support as you continue to grow and develop. This package builds on the sprout package plus your team will benefit from additional benefits and wellbeing support such as unlimited coaching, counselling, rewards and discounts and so much more. Creating cultures where your team’s wellbeing is as important as your bottom line. 


Starting from £288.33 per month.

Congrats! You're ready to start hiring. This package will give your business the foundations to successfully hire and grow your new team. We’ll support you to craft your unique offering as an employee and decide on the basics like how much holidays should my team have? You’ll also get the legal side of things covered with a tailored contract of employment, policy pack, ongoing monthly support from a HR team that are here to see your business thrive. 


We have monthly package options to support your business to grow. What stage of growth is your business at?

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