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Our Approach

We believe a healthy bottom-line rests on the shoulders of a healthy and aligned workforce. From corporate culture, passion and motivation, to the actual health of your people - your business success grows from here.

And we know people.

Human resources is corporate speak for people.

HR is more than just people. You need a framework that supports your dedication to social responsibility and aligns your workforce toward your goals. Then you can delegate with confidence.

Set yourself up for success.

Legalities are the most anxiety-inducing part of becoming an employer. Led by an employment tribunal panel member, we’ll hammer out your compliance issues and handle the red tape.

Stay compliant with best practices.

Your business depends on the people who run it. We’ll help you build an empowered, high-performance team that works cohesively, passionately, and responsibly to execute your mission.

Build the team you’ve dreamed of.

Your business is here to make a difference and as you grow, you’ll need HR support to make that happen. We can help you to: 

A healthy business needs a healthy team.

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Our Services

A healthy business starts with a healthy team, which starts with a strong framework.

Organisational Development

Want to take a hands-off approach? We’ll manage your HR top to bottom.

Comprehensive Support

Learning & Development is a vital component of a high-performance workforce

Learning & Development

Access comprehensive health and wellbeing support and benefits for your staff through our community model approach. 

Health & Wellbeing

When you think of being an employer, you might think of your experience as an employee. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs today, you’re probably not impressed with the culture you experienced. Our approach focuses on building a healthy team – because that’s how you build a healthy business.

We make it easy to staff           your business.

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Lizzie Carter

"Yasmin has handled the HR side of my business since I began hiring a team. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her expertise and support has been a huge value add to our business. We absolutely love working with her, and can’t recommend her services enough."

 - Overcoming MS
Vicky Mason

"Yasmin was a great with support with running recruitment for us, which saved a lot of time for the internal team when our team was very stretched. She also helped us to find a great candidate who is a fantastic addition to the team.

She has provided a series of coaching sessions both to me and to one of my team. We both found these sessions to be incredibly useful in supporting our performance, self awareness and our growth."

- Charity Leader Overcoming MS
Grazina Berry

"Yasmin supported me in building a strong team, by providing expert HR advice and facilitating helpful exercises tailored to the needs of the organisation and its people. Healthy HR enabled the team to explore communication styles, reflect on our natural engagement preferences and identify ways to further refine and develop these, respecting individuality and difference. Furthermore, a comprehensive HR health check conducted by HealthyHR was invaluable in its thorough assessment."

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Are you ready to send your budding business into              

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A HR health check reviews 13 key aspects of HR activity as per up-to-date legislation, best practices, and years of experience on the employer and judicial sides. We need to understand the full ecosystem of your HR function so that we can give you the best support moving forward.
If you’re about to hire or you’ve taken on a few members of staff with no HR practices in place, we’ll carry out a ‘Getting Ready to Hire’ workshop. We’ll work together to understand your employment offer from how you’ll pay your team through to benefits such as holiday entitlements. We need to define your offering so that we can tailor your documents.

It starts with a HR health check or a ‘Getting Ready to Hire’ workshop… 

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Within three weeks of the Health Check or ‘Getting Ready to Hire’ workshop, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with an action plan that includes recommendations and priorities.

…Then you’ll receive a comprehensive report.

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Depending on your budget and needs, you can select one of our monthly packages that fills in the gaps, optimises your processes, and launches your business into the future.

From there you can select a membership to suit your needs and budget. 

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